Monday, September 12, 2011

Third Class

Wednesday 8/24/2011: Cupcake day!!! When I made the 8 inch cake for the week before I used the rest of the batter to make 12 cupcakes. We only needed 6 cupcakes for class but I brought them all in for extra practice. Lots of practice was involved in this class for sure. We learned how to make shaggy mums, pom pom mums, leaves, and drop flowers. Pom pom mums were probably the most challenging because you use a flower nail and let them dry before you place them on top of the cupcake. Also, we learned how to pipe swirl icing on top. It was awesome to finally know how to make icing look like what you see in the grocery store. Lol. I asked the instructor how they pipe a smooth swirl and she said all they do is cut the tip of a bag - no tip! Geez I may have been happy if I didn't learn anything else but just to know that...jk...I enjoyed the whole class. Shaggy mums crack me up because the tip is like a miniature pasta maker. Too cute and lots of fun! And yes the leaves are purple because I just did not see the point in making extra thin icing when I had some left over from the week before. That is my only other beef with the class - you make way too much icing for what is needed. I guess they did not intend on teaching us how to half the recipe. Oh well it is all in my freezer for another time.

Shaggy Mum
Pom Pom Mum
Pom Pom Mum with Drop Flowers

Drop Flowers (and here are the purple

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