Friday, September 9, 2011

First class

Wednesday 8/10/2011: My mom and I went to Perimeter Mall to eat at CPK, see the Help (amazing movie and book), and pick up some cupcakes at GiGi's cupcakes because there was a Scoutmob for 50% off. I could write a whole other blog about my love for GiGi's. Needless to say the previews these days are super long so we got out of the movie really late - 4:45 p.m. - which as some may know is rush hour traffic in the ATL. I had to be at Michael's for class at 6 p.m.!!! I was driving home like a mad woman so I could drop mom off and pick up my supplies. I made it to class on time but without dinner. Eating is very important for me because if I don't eat by a certain time then I become a grouch and get sick. So I was all worried that I was going to hate the class and/or eat all my cookies before the first lesson. (Truth be told by the end of class I was munching on a cookie while icing.) My instructor was super awesome and we all settled in and began learning. The first lesson was how to fill the icing bag. The pros sure make this look easy on t.v. Man oh man! Cake Boss is one of my favorites and they make hundreds of cupcakes and cakes I'm sure in one day and it seems effortless. Well not effortless but EASY. Luckily the instructor was patient because we were all struggling. By the end of the class my bag was filled with icing from a can and I had piped stars for the first time on six cookies. I've started emphasizing from a can because my coworker grew up in a home where can icing equated to the person does not love you. I was so proud of myself and full excitement that I had forgotten that I was hungry. That is a lie...I got home and ate a bowl of cereal but after I took pictures of my beautiful cookies.

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