Monday, April 8, 2013

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins

I located a low calorie chocolate muffin recipe on the Six Sister's Stuff blog and had to give it a try. The instructions include using a blender or food processor in order to grind up the oats. My first thought was this is odd but I went with it. Blending up some muffins is fun! I went off course a bit and kept the batter in the blender and stirred in the chocolate chips. Much easier to pour the batter in the cupcake wells instead of scooping! Oh and I used regular sugar instead of Stevia so my muffins are not 58 calories. Oh well. They have that healthy made with applesauce and yogurt so I zap them in the microwave for 15 seconds and they taste sinful. Recently I tried almond milk for the first time and I would say these muffins and almond milk are a nice pairing.

Blend away baby!

40th Anniversary Cupcakes

My parents 40th wedding anniversary is today. Over the weekend we celebrated by having lunch at the Atlanta Fish Market and checking out the Frida and Diego exhibit at the High Museum of Art.

Of course I made cupcakes for the celebration. I baked my go to vanilla cake recipe and frosted with Wilton buttercream. May not be able to tell in the pictures but I piped various designs of rosettes. My first time making cupcake toppers was a success for the most part. I located a free template online and customized it for my parents initials and wedding date.

J+G 4/8/73