Monday, September 12, 2011

New Kitchen Aid and Cake Pops

Saturday 9/3/2011: All week (mainly after Wednesday's baking ordeal) I was thinking about how I need a Kitchen Aid mixer but was not sure since they are so expensive. I searched Craigslist and actually contacted someone to only find out that the $99 mixer was 8 years old! Then I started looking at the website of every store that came to mind and found that Brandsmart had mixers for $169.88 Isn't it funny that every price at Brandsmart ends in $0.88??? Any way my mom met me there and we found two mixers - navy blue and almond - so I purchased the almond mixer. I left the store with pure excitement.

After we shopped some more at Mall of Georgia we came home and made cake pops. These things sure are popular so I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I had the left over muffin top and icing from my cake this week so I picked up candy and lollipop sticks from Michael's. My mom had some sprinkles. I found a step-by-step instructional website written by a mom. The instructions suggested that you purchase floral foam in order to dry the sticks but since this was my first time and I was not making the pops for a special occasion I for went the foam. They are strange but are yummy. Mom said, "these are SWEET!" and dad said, "just give me a slice of cake." Also, they made an excellent game day snack during the Georgia game. It would have been even better if Georgia had won but Boise State was ranked #5!
Cake pops!!!
Best mixer ever!

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