Friday, July 20, 2012

S'more Cupcakes

I love s'mores so much so that I typically make them in the microwave. That is not the best way but I'm rarely by a camp fire. Well, actually I'm never by a camp fire because camping is not my thing. Anyway, I just had to try s'more cupcakes! I baked up some chocolate cupcakes, frosted them with marshmallow creme, sprinkled some graham crackers on top, and the final most important part was a Hershey's chocolate square.

Let me just warn you, in case you didn't know, that marshmallow creme is STICKY! And it gets everywhere so beware. The frosting recipe is another one of Betty Crocker's sure things. Don't put the marshmallow creme jar in the microwave as instructed - Jet Puff now sells a plastic jar instead of glass. I halved this recipe because I only had 10 cupcakes (don't even ask what happened to the other 14..hehe) and it worked perfectly! I sampled some of the frosting and felt like I needed to schedule a dentist appointment ASAP. Wow! The powdered sugar and the marshmallow is sweet! To quote one of my fav Food Network personalities, Jamie Deen, "ooooooo dawgies". Not sure if Jamie actually uses the University of Georgia spelling of dog but he is a Bulldog fan so it just seems right.  Go Dawgs!!! Sick 'em. I mean gee wow those cupcakes are delicious.

The weather was dark and stormy when it came time for these guys to have a close up so the pictures are not amazing. I didn't even bother pulling out my Nikon because I knew with the lighting situation that my iphone would do the job.

My small group and coworkers raved about these cupcakes. One of my small group members even said that these are her favorite because she is not a huge frosting fan. Success!

These cupcakes were the perfect treat for such gloomy weather but you could make them anytime you are craving that s'more and camp fire feel. (For the non camping folks like me - just bake it!)

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