Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cupcake Camp Atlanta

Cupcake Camp was so much fun on Sunday! (Be sure to click on the link to see more beautiful pictures!) This was the first year in Atlanta and I hope it becomes a fully successful annual event. They were set up inside Octane which is a coffee shop downtown.

Fifteen or so cupcakes were available for tasting. I sampled a Red Velvet Bourbon mini, Boston Creme, Pina Colada, Limcello, Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Amaretto. And no - I did not eat every bite of each cupcake. My mom came with me so we shared some and sadly a few cupcakes were only worthy of one bite.

The "eaters" were the judges and we voted on three categories. For "best tasting" I voted for the Boston Creme (I love ganache duh!), "best looking" went to the Amaretto for me because it had edible gold glitter and a white chocolate candy squiggle (I think that counts as an official cupcake description), and lastly I chose Limoncello for "most unique flavor".  The Twitter post after the event noted that 400 cupcakes were given out. Next year I plan to be a "baker"!

The Winners:

Best Tasting
1st: Salted Caramel Turtle
2nd: Chocolate Caramel/Vanilla Caramel
3rd: Black and Whites
Best Looking
1st: Lemon Curd Marshmallow Meringue
2nd: Amaretto with White Chocolate
3rd: Salted Caramel Turtle
Most Unique Flavor
1st: Earl Grey Lavender
2nd: Salted Caramel Turtle
3rd: Lemon Curd Marshmallow Meringue

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